A word from the President and CEO


With more than 30 years of experience in the medical device sector, I can indisputably affirm that Balt is a magnificent French asset that has now become fully international, and which possesses a unique heritage in its field. Our company has an exceptional product range and has played an essential role in the emergence of the 40-year-old field of neurovascular therapy.

Our products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide, thanks to the industrial rigor that is our trademark. Balt is helping to save lives, and this is a source of both pride and great motivation for each and every one of us.
We intend to continue to strengthen Balt’s position within its sector in the years to come, and even more so as we are faced with ever-increasing competition, a challenging environment and a booming market. Our company possesses all the advantages to allow it to go farther, faster. I am determined to breathe new life into Balt, so it can develop all the extraordinary potential of its products and achieve our vision to be the most respected partner of neurovascular physicians.

Pascal Girin, President and CEO

Last modification: 18 October 2019