Balt, the MedTech company specializing in neurovascular diseases

Balt: a rich history


Founded in 1977, Balt was the first medical device company in the world to develop devices specifically for neurovascular intervention. Founded by Leopold Plowiecki as an extrusion company, his early collaborations with interventional radiologists led to the development of the first microcatheters designed for neurovascular use. For several decades, under Leopold Plowiecki and later his son Nicolas, the company remained a small family-owned French company, developing technologies to meet unmet clinical needs, and providing physicians with unique products available nowhere else. As early pioneers in this field, Balt collaborated with physicians in France and around the world to develop many of the key technologies and procedures still in use today.

Balt: innovative technologies


Throughout its history, Balt has been at the forefront of innovation in neuroendovascular therapy. Today, the depth and breadth of Balt’s portfolio of products reflects its rich history. Balt has supplied this field of medicine with many first to market innovations, including:

  • The first flow directed microcatheter
  • The first detachable tip microcatheter
  • The first intracranial braided stent
  • The first flow diverter
  • The first low profile flow diverter

Today we continue to innovate and manufacture at our facilities in France, Switzerland, and the US. We are implementing proven management methods with an exceptionally experienced team and we will continue to deliver unique innovation.


Balt: a global leader


In 2015, Balt embarked on an evolutionary journey to transform itself from a small family-owned company with a unique portfolio into a global leader in neuroendovascular therapy. This evolution began with the 2015 investment of Bridgepoint, a private equity firm, to fuel the global growth plan, and has included:

  • The 2016 acquisition of the Irvine, California based startup, Blockade Medical, and its subsequent development into a large-scale production facility and Balt’s US business home base
  • The 2018 naming of Pascal Girin, a seasoned medtech executive with extensive experience in the neuroendovascular field, as Balt’s President and CEO
  • The creation of several international subsidiaries in order to strengthen our global footprint (Spain, Germany, Sweden, China, India and Brazil)

Balt has tripled its revenue and its workforce over the last three years, and today our products are used by physicians in over 100 countries worldwide. As we continue this exciting expansion, we will continue to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize the most complete suite of neuro innovative products developed through ongoing collaboration with the interventional neuro community.


.Our company possesses all the advantages to allow it to go farther, faster. I am determined to breathe new life into Balt, so it can develop all the extraordinary potential of its products and achieve our vision to be the most respected partner of neurovascular physicians..


Pascal Girin, President and CEO